Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the Experts (Part 2, Page 26)

Okay, this is the end of the first two chapters of "the Experts" graphic novel. The book will contain 3 more issues worth of continuing storyline above and beyond what you've seen on this blog. The book should be available by this Spring or Summer.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details and artwork updates.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kenn in Ace Weekly

ACE Magazine, Lexington, Kentucky's local, weekly rag does a piece on me this week in anticipation of my book signing at the Morris book shop on Saturday, November 22, 7pm to 9pm (see flier):

""Cute but Deadly:
Artist Kenn Minter is... Not From Here!

Joe Conkwright is Oliver “a very large, sometimes pink bunny rabbit” in Kenn Minter’s comic strip. He writes, in the introduction to Minter’s new book, I’m Not From Here, “most of Kenn’s neon-coated life has been spent… in a Kentucky town of around 300,000 good and evil citizens…He got sucked back into the vanilla creamy vortex that is his hometown, and covered in the steamy, stinky juice of familiarity. It was only after his return to this familiar setting that he began to really devolve his special art style.” He concludes the Introduction by saying, “Because where you are from is different where Kenn is from, or coming from. I wouldn’t want to live there, but it is a nice place to visit.”

Arturo Sandoval describes Kenn Minter (who'll be signing his new book at Morris Book Store, this Saturday) as "one of the most active UK Department of Art alumni. He is constantly involved in producing his comic art, his radio music hour," adding, "he has a strong community presence."

Those are powerful words to art students who worry they may be working at Applebee's post-grad.

Minter is currently an Art Director at UK; works as a freelance illustrator; and his work has appeared in magazines and newspapers all over the country (including Ace and the Kentucky Kernel). With co-creator, Clarence Pruitt, he produces the off-beat, adventure, graphic novel series The Experts. He has taught at the Living Arts and Science Center and Spencerian College as an art instructor. He started his own publishing company a few years ago called Near Mint Press.

Asked to elaborate on his biography in a more Lex-centric fashion for the Ace readers, the title of one of his blogs says it all, along with the title of his book, I’m Not From Here: Slightly Embellished Autobiographical Comic Strips.

His Facebook status, at this very moment, says “have the cakes delivered to my office.”

When pressed, he’ll offer a few more details. “My family moved to Lexington in 1981 when I was 11. I went to Morton Junior High... hated it. Then I went to Lexington Junior High.. loved it. I went to Henry Clay High School ... where I was introduced to beer, drugs and lost my virginity.”

His friend Cheryl Mohr reflects on their childhood days together (this would be pre-Henry Clay), “I have not seen Kenn in 26 years, sixth grade to be exact! But last year when I was having a conversation with my middle school aged daughter and we were comparing different kinds of boys, I thought of this mature, deeply, artistically talented boy named Kenn Minter. He used to draw comics for me as a vixen type character in all sorts of adventures! That was something for a twelve year old girl! He was complex even then and always left everyone wanting more. Well, as I told her about him, I thought to myself, ‘I should Google him and see if he continued with his enormous talent.’ Lo and behold, there he was and to know that he entertains the masses, as he did all of his classmates 26 years ago, makes me smile. And now we are friends again!”

As for his early art career, Minter says, “I went to UK for five years. I wrote and drew comics for the Kentucky Kernel and majored in graphic design and illustration. I also ocassionally worked for Ace. I worked a hundred different part-time jobs... I spent many years working as a delivery boy for Wheeler Pharmacy on Romany Road. I also worked for a short time at PEP TAB... the head shop downtown. Two different sorts of drug stores.”

He did make a break for it post-grad. “In 1996, I moved to San Diego and worked for a t-shirt and greeting card company called ‘STICKWORLD.’ When the paychecks started to bounce... I moved back to Lexington.”

Ron Penn, longtime musicology professor at UK, says "I had the pleasure of Kenn's company in a World Music class several light years ago. At the time I associated him with some wonderfully refreshing and deliciously odd cartoons that appeared in the Kernel... Since then, I have been pleased, amazed, delighted, charmed, and enlightened by Kenn's saucy, hilarious, surreal take on the world. Truth expressed in humor is a rare tonic for our times....And Kenn dispenses this tonic liberally and with grand effect."

Lucy Points describes him like this, "Kenn is that guy at the party peering out from the corner, behind a plate of salty snacks truly absorbing every detail of his environment. The party ends and a couple of days later—sometimes a month later—there, in the in-box, appears a meticulously and masterfully crafted comic depicting an otherwise mundane conversation or incident. Far superior to digital photos or thank you cards."

Kenn Minter signs his new book at Morris Book Shop on Southland Drive, Saturday, November 22.""

Monday, October 27, 2008

I am a lazy artist (the Experts, etc.)

Yes, it's true. I can be pretty lazy sometimes with my art. Plus, I just enjoy scribbling... it's very relaxing. I kick myself for not doing it more often.

Anyway, Clarence Pruitt and I are on our way to finishing the first "the Experts" graphic novel. Usually, when I have a visual idea for something that Clarence will create for the final illustration... I'll scribble my idea down... and then Clarence will crank the pencils out... for real.

Here are the scribbles I recently sent to Clarence for the cover of "the Experts" graphic novel. They're not good... but they don't have to be. Clarence is an excellent draftsman... and requires very little direction.

He'll appreciate that I said that. ;o)


Super Hero Pin Ups

Here are some more super hero pin ups by myself and Clarence Pruitt. These are Doctor Doom, Spiderman, and Pricess Leia.

Say, if you'd be interested in purchasing one of these original, pen & ink pin ups for a nominal fee... drop me a line at:

kennminter at


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New "the Experts #1" Review

By Bill Gladman of

"The Experts #1 by Kenn Minter and Clarence Pruitt. Kenn is actually a member of the Comic Related extended family and was set up at the second Comic Related booth over in the Creator Commons. Kenn is a very hard worker…that much is obvious…as he writes, inks, and letters this book….and a couple other books as well. I’ve been checking out pages of story art that Kenn regularly post on the site for months now and knew this book was on a short list of books I was walking out of the con with.

The Experts (the book) is actually a book with three different stories in which the Experts (the team of super-heroes) is the first. A team that features Doctor Delta, Free Mary, Ninja Witch (love that name and the character…my favorite of the group), Mr. Elaztik (another cool name and character), Emerald Yeti (my second favorite of the group), and Naked Man (don’t know why he’s called Naked Man….because he’s never naked in the story…but hey…I’m not complaining.)

In this first issue we learn that this team of Experts were not the first team to go by that moniker. And past members Frost Queen…and another member …that talks like Sean Connery from Highlander seem to have more than a small interest in this new line up. A conversation between the two also seems to include a few well placed clues about the past of Emerald Yeti, Mr.Elaztik, and Doctor Delta.

And speaking of the past….it seems that Naked Man and Ninja Witch have a past as well…one that Ninja Witch wants to forget….but Naked Man keeps digging up. Hilarious last panel of the story.

The book…as a whole…had an element to it that I really like but I’m sure nobody can share. Kenn’s writing and Kenn and Clarence’s art has a heavy “Larry Blake” feel to it, which I love. Larry is an artist and friend and has produced books like Dark Star, Reeealy (not a typo) Comics, and World Without Heroes out of his Rock Bottom art studios for years…hopefully I’ll see Larry again at this coming S.P.A.C.E. Con 2009.

Like the Dracula Inc. book the lead story that featured the Experts ended right when I was getting into it….but at least this story was four pages longer. And I found it interesting enough that I want to continue to read it…especially with the appearance of a character next issue that calls herself the Silver Muse…influenced in visual concept by a certain Scarlet Witch.

Unlike Dracula Inc…the stories that followed the lead were just as good or even better… (the Incredolad story was very funny and at the same time a testimony of what appears to be a trait of Kenn’s…dark satire)…and the Dr. Michael Schlessinger, PSC story…the last one in the book…was my favorite of the three.

Also liked the Incredolad promotion page….there’s that dark satire again….good stuff."

Book Signing!

I know this is early notice, but, what the hey...


Kenn Minter • Book Signing

November 22nd, 2008, 7pm to 9pm

the Morris book shop • 408 Southland Drive • Lexington, Ky.

Come join Lexington comic book creator, Kenn Minter, as he signs copies of his new comic strip collection, “I’m Not From Here.”

“I’m Not From Here” collects the first few years of Minter’s semi-autobiographical, online comic strip.

November 22nd,2008
7pm to 9pm

the Morris book shop
408 Southland Dr. Lexington, Ky.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On sale on eBay!!

For sale on eBay, I am currently offering these two, original, pen and ink drawings of Marvel Comics' Iron Man and Captain America. These have been penciled by Clarence Pruitt and inked by me. They are drawn on sturdy vellum card stock paper and suitable for framing.

These are one-of-a-kind items.

Let the bids begin!

Kenn Minter

Iron Man

Captain America

Friday, October 03, 2008

"I'm Not From Here" book Available Online!

"I'm Not From Here," a 100 page collection of smart, bizarre, thoughtful, and hilarious semi-autobiographical comic strips is finally... available for purchase online!

Grab a copy here.

Kenn Minter

the experts (Part 2, page 19)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Near Mint Press at the Mid-Ohio-Con

Hi folks. Please join me this weekend at the Mid-Ohio-Con in Columbus, Ohio. October 4th and 5th, 2008. I'll be selling and signing copies of "the Experts," "Super World," and the brand new collection of my semi-autobigraphical comic strips, "I'm Not From Here." I'll also be drawing and selling pin ups of any of your favorite comic book and cartoon characters.

Please stop by!

-Kenn Minter

The Experts

I'm Not From Here


Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Super Hero Pin Ups

Here are some more super hero pin ups by Clarence Pruitt and myself. Here's "Storm" from the "X-Men" and "the Lone Ranger."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Super Hero Pin Ups

Here are some more super hero pin ups by myself and penciller, Clarence Pruitt. Here we have Jonah Hex, Rorschach, and Red Sonja.