Thursday, July 27, 2006

What Others are Saying about the Experts

The Experts stood out on the comics rack when I saw it, so I knew I had to take it home with me. And I'm glad I did!

The cover caught my eye with it's retro/pop art looking superheroes, and the interior story lived up to that. Kenn Minter and Clarence Pruitt have crafted a great story which balances a nice mix of humor and homage, giving us a new crop of heroes in this.... darkened age of comics.

The familiar archeytpes are there (the star-spangled patriot, the monster, the stretchy guy, and in the ultimate nod to Bronze Age heroism, a voodoo based mage!) as well as some interesting hybrids like the sexy Ninja Witch!

Not satisfied with just giving us a new superteam, Minter and Pruitt also present us with two additional creative spins on superhero melodrama in this issue! More bang for your buck, I always say!

Pick up this book and enjoy some solid storytelling, with artwork that looks like a smooth blend between Archie Comics and classic Marvel!

Javier Hernandez

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fan Art

"The Experts" hasn't been out too long... but that doesn't mean we don't already have "fans." Because we do... sort of.

Anyway, here are some nice pin-ups of Ninja Witch and Free Mary by cartoonist Matthew Grace.


A Scene from the Experts #3

Here's a scene from "the Experts #3."

During an intimate encounter between Naked Man and the Frost Queen, Naked Man's prior relationship with teammate, Ninja Witch, is forced, by The Frost Queen, to the surface.


the Experts #2

The Experts members, Ninja Witch and Free Mary, go on their first mission as a duo to thwart an international art thief, the Silver Muse. If anything can go wrong... well, it does.

Also in this issue, the Z-Squad, the most angst-ridden super-powered teenagers ever, are featured in a 4-page back-up story.

Have you read The Experts #1?

the Experts #1

This new team of heroes combines three novices with three adventure veterans: Doctor Delta (a mystical apparition), Free Mary (a spit-fire vixen), Naked Man (a young, eager buck), the Emerald Yeti (a gentle-natured, mechanical, furry giant), Ninja Witch (a moody, youthful witch-in-training), and Mr. Elaztik (the obligatory, rubber-bodied, shape-changing comic relief).

These six individuals have been chosen to fulfill certain demographic appeal. Though, more importantly, they have been selected for their ability and willingness to work cheap.

As a whole, the Experts is a quirky, off-kilter superhero series revolving around characters that are completely unprepared for their atypical roles and responsibilities.

This issue also features two back-up stories: "Incredo-Lad: Out of the Closet," and "Dr. Michael Schlessinger: Psychiatrist to the Superheroes."

And be sure to check out The Experts #2.