Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ninja Witch & Free Mary pin-up

Here's a black-n-white and a color pin up of "Ninja Witch" and "Free Mary" pencilled by crazy Clarence Pruitt and messily inked by messy ol'me.

The Gals are wearing their special battle gear as seen in "the Experts #3."

Don't forget, "the Experts #3" is now available to order from Diamond's PREVIEWS June 2007 catalog. It will be available in stores in August 2007.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the experts #4, page 9 (inks)

Here's an inked page from "the Experts #4." Perfectly pencilled by Clarence Pruitt... and inked by lil' ol' me.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"the Experts" #3 in June 2007's PREVIEWS Catalog

"the Experts" #3 in June 2007's PREVIEWS Catalog

• JUN073767 F THE EXPERTS #3 (MR) (page 326)

"What's the story with the Experts gaudy new
threads... and god-awful new attitudes?

Dive head-first into the mysteriously creepy origin of
the draconian Doctor Delta.

Also, as a back-up feature, travel back in time to the
age of the Gods and meet the luscious Love Lantern!
Criminals can't resist her!"

• By Kenn Minter & Clarence Pruitt

• Color cover • 32 pages (black and white) • $3.49 (cover price)