Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shucks, more Fan Mail for the First ish...

"Kenn & Clarence,

I just picked up a copy of your book The Experts at a comic shop here in Connecticut!
I very much enjoyed it!! I don't buy many comics, as a matter of fact I haven't bought one in 8 years!
I was at Buried Under Comics pluggin' my web comic The Kosmix, and saw it on a rack. I was a huge Mike Allred, and it was Clarence Pruitt's Allredesque style cover that hooked me! His artwork is tremendous!! It is understated, yet complex. Yes... it is Mike Allred like, but stripped down a step further, and with shades of Bruce Timm!!!
The writing was exceptional as well. Fast paced, and a nice homage (with modern sensibilities) to a day when comics were actually fun!!!
And you ink too! WOW!!
Please let me know when a new book is scheduled to come out, and you can count on a sale from me!!

John McDowel"

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