Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Experts Fan Mail

My name is Frankie B. Washington and I'm planning on
debuting my comic book, FBW Peace March 2007, thru
Comixpress. I'm a freelance illustrator living in
Massachusetts and totally understand the passion and
drive to get a comic book series out.

I've already drawn up to four books and now I have to
letter them as well. It's time consuming but the
reward of completing the dream is so worth it.

When I first saw the covers for The Experts I was
immediately drawn to them. I was nervous that when I
opened the book the art and story would not be upto

Least to say that I was and still amazed by the rich,
humorous storytelling and kick-ass artwork.
It definitely lends to b/w and color which is the
ideal medium all books should aspire for.

I really hope when FBW Peace is released it is able to
be on that level as well.

Definitely stop by my webpage and sign the
guestbook if you like.


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