Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More "the Experts" Fan Mail

Just so you know, mine and Clarence Pruitt's "the Experts #1" is currently available in comic shops nationwide... it came out last week. Check your favorite store to see if they have it. If they don't, it will always be available from our online shop at (along with "the Experts #2). Please see the links on the right sidebar of this blog.

Kenn Minter

"Kenn -

I've taken to browsing for cool indie comics when I go to my local
comics shop each week, looking for good stuff to inspire me as I work on my
own book. Last week I picked up a copy of "The Experts" and was so
impressed that I bought two copies and sent one off to my collaborator to
check out. It's cool to see an indie book look so professional right out
of the gate, and the Incredo-Lad story was pretty damn funny.

Kudos on that cover too! Really good things going on with the colors
and design there!

(Oh, side note -- I found your book at Forbidden Planet in NYC, in case
you're curious about that sort of thing.)

I also saw your comiXpress ad on the back and was curious what you
thought about them, as I was planning on trying them out. Would you mind me
using your name as a referrer?

Anyway, cool book and I wish you luck with it. If you ever want to talk
shop, drop me a line. I'm hoping to have an ashcan teaser issue for my
book done within the month.

-Keith McCleary"

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