Saturday, December 19, 2009

"The Experts" Trade Paperback Available for Order from Comixpress!

The Experts TPB
"the Experts"
by Kenn Minter and Clarence Pruitt (Published by Near Mint Press)

Gathered together by the aging super-heroes Frost Queen and the Scotsman, the Experts are a quirky group of adventurers out to toss their hat in the super-hero ring. But the founders of this new team are more interested in publicity, endorsements, and marketing than actual super-heroics.

The new team combines three newcomers: Ninja Witch (a moody, youthful witch-in-training), Free Mary (a spit-fire vixen), and Naked Man (a young, eager buck); with three adventure veterans: Doctor Delta (a mystical apparition), the Emerald Yeti (a gentle-natured, mechanical, furry giant), and Mr. Elaztik (the obligatory, rubber-bodied, shape-changing comic relief). Each member chosen to fulfill certain demographic appeal and more importantly for their willingness to work cheap.

Ninja Witch soon takes center stage as she and Free Mary are put through their paces on a mission preordained to failure -- and not just due to their ineptness. While the mysterious Doctor Delta is haunted by memories of his past and the one fateful decision that has cast its shadow over his entire life. The Experts quickly reach the brink of collapse as the unpredictable Ninja Witch discovers that the team is being exploited in more ways than they ever realized.

The Experts is a quirky, off-kilter superhero series that's chock full of both action and irony.

120 Pages | Full Color Covers |Black & White Pages

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