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Surfing the Panels: Reviews for the Comic Web
By John Wilson

Kenn Minter's Webpage

The work of Kenn Minter gives one the feeling of the very familiar and the absolutely original all at the same time. In part he seems to be channeling equal amounts of indie legend Chris Ware and Marvel humorist Fred Hembeck with maybe just a little R. Crumb sneaking in. And conversely, he has ideas that wouldn't dare spring from anyone else. He is an illustrator, graphic designer, college educator and comic creator, all of which he approaches from a very unique perspective.

One of Kenn's forays into comics is "I'm Not From Here". A semi autobiographic, semi embellished account of his life looked at through wacky colored glasses. It's just like your life...if your life had a giant bunny (he's not a rabbit) named Oliver, goblins that kill small animals and moments that run from the mundane to the wacky both in and out of Kenn's head. He even allows guest artists to play in this world but it all still has his overwhelming sensibility.

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