Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On sale on eBay!!

For sale on eBay, I am currently offering these two, original, pen and ink drawings of Marvel Comics' Iron Man and Captain America. These have been penciled by Clarence Pruitt and inked by me. They are drawn on sturdy vellum card stock paper and suitable for framing.

These are one-of-a-kind items.

Let the bids begin!

Kenn Minter

Iron Man

Captain America


Lou G said...

Hi Kenn,
After briefly meeting you guys at the con on Saturday, I finally got to check out your website.

I like your clean lines. By contrast, my stuff usually is intentionally scratchy and messy...

I had a table in the back of the con in the "Creative Commons" area. I had pretty good traffic and sold some books posters and sketches. How did you do?
What other cons are worth attending around this area? I've exhibited at Chicago Comicon and in Toronto before, but havent' really looked for other good shows.

Keep up the good work!

Percy Trout said...


I did real well at the SPACE Con in Columbus, OH. last year. It's going on again this year too.

I did okay at the Mid Ohio Con... tho' not great. It didn't seem like folks were buying much... seemed like most folks were only there to look around.

Here's a nother new Con in the area coming in September:

How did you do in Chicago?

Lou G said...

I've been to SPACE, but haven't' exhibited there. I'll put it on my calendar to consider it...

I hadn't heard of this pop culture con thing. I'll look into it.

Chicago was a great con, but I needed more to sell. I think I could have doe better...
maybe next year

Anonymous said...

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