Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More "Experts" Fan Mail

"Howdy, Kenn!

Great series! I have really enjoyed the first two books and cannot wait until the third issue is released. Speaking of, do you have an anticipated release date at this time?

The story-telling and artwork are a wonderful compliment to each other and already I can notice a progression in the backgrounds with the use of more gray tones, adding more weight or dimension to the art. I hate to draw (no pun intended) comparisons, but Darwyn Cooke and Bruce Timm come to mind, perhaps Allred also.

You have a light-hearted story telling style that is a relief to some of the more "over-inflated" story arcs that seem too prevalent in many of today's tales. I mean that as a compliment. With your books, the reader need not be concerned nor will he/she get too bogged down with continuity, history, etc. . . but will simply pick up a read that harkens back to a Golden or Silver Age book, while more sophisticated with a contemporary twist, complete in every single issue. It seems you have taken a very modern approach to getting issues printed and distributed and hopefully that will work out well for you, the creator, and myself the customer/reader.

Love the Experts,


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