Monday, July 24, 2006

the Experts #1

This new team of heroes combines three novices with three adventure veterans: Doctor Delta (a mystical apparition), Free Mary (a spit-fire vixen), Naked Man (a young, eager buck), the Emerald Yeti (a gentle-natured, mechanical, furry giant), Ninja Witch (a moody, youthful witch-in-training), and Mr. Elaztik (the obligatory, rubber-bodied, shape-changing comic relief).

These six individuals have been chosen to fulfill certain demographic appeal. Though, more importantly, they have been selected for their ability and willingness to work cheap.

As a whole, the Experts is a quirky, off-kilter superhero series revolving around characters that are completely unprepared for their atypical roles and responsibilities.

This issue also features two back-up stories: "Incredo-Lad: Out of the Closet," and "Dr. Michael Schlessinger: Psychiatrist to the Superheroes."

And be sure to check out The Experts #2.

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